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Protests across Latin America reflect a toxic cocktail of pandemic and recession - The impact of Covid-19 in Latin America is igniting protests in several countries, as the economic fallout from the pandemic aggravates existing social tensions from the streets of Buenos Aires and Panama City to remote parts of Brazil and Bolivia.
Bolsonaro says reports of Amazon fires are a 'lie.' Evidence says otherwise - In aerial photos, smoke billows over trees and rivers in the Amazon and lines of glowing red embers snake across the ground -- but President Jair Bolsonaro says the reports of fires in the vast rainforest are false.
Pandemic dims the lights on cafe life in Buenos Aires - It's a rather unusual sight. Felipe Evangelista is sitting down at the café he has owned for nearly four decades and all he can see are upside-down chairs stored atop empty tables.
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro threatens to punch reporter in the face - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been captured on camera threatening to punch a reporter in the face, after being asked about alleged family corruption.
- With the help of Google Tilt Brush, Colleen Flanigan is creating sculptures under the sea, aiming to provide a living habitat for endangered biodiversity and engage with the art community about marine protection.
At least 13 people die in stampede, as police raid club breaking coronavirus restrictions - At least 13 people have been killed and three others injured in a stampede at a nightclub in Lima, Peru, as partygoers attempted to escape a police raid on the venue, according to Orlando Velasco Mujica, general of the Peruvian National Police.
Trudeau tries to reset amid ethics scandal and economic unease in Canada - There is never a good time to lose your finance chief -- but the timing couldn't be worse for the embattled Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Fires destroy home of rare blue macaws in Brazil - A Brazilian sanctuary, home to 15% of the world's population of blue macaws, has been consumed by fires -- and there are fears for the well-being of the rare birds.
Politics and xenophobia cloud the race for a vaccine in Brazil - Officially, Brazil claims to be neutral in the race to develop the coronavirus vaccine.
'Spa' raids in resort towns spark outrage over Mexico's human trafficking problem - It was an unusual scene, especially for two Mexican cities known more for beaches and tourism.
Pandemic power play: It's China vs. the US in Latin America - At first glance, the picture China's ambassador to Barbados tweeted on July 23 shows nothing more than an online meeting — a typical, screen-based representation of what life has become during the pandemic.
Coronavirus accelerates a mental-health crisis for Canada's indigenous youth - The pandemic is adding a layer of risk to young indigenous lives and government officials tell CNN the impact on mental health may linger for years. "Living in a reserve it gets depressing over time. You begin to feel isolated, you find yourself parting ways with your friends. It takes a huge toll on your health," says Farrah.
Amid pandemic, Brazil's health ministry still has an interim boss with no medical experience - Brazil is in the grips of a deadly virus, with the world's second highest number of Covid-19 cases and deaths in the world -- and yet the health ministry continues to be run on an interim basis by an army general with no medical experience.
Americans are still paying for sex in Mexico despite the pandemic - Stay at home, be safe, but go hungry. Go out, earn a living, but risk your life. For so many in Mexico, this has been the pandemic's impossible choice.
Mexico's solution to the Covid-19 educational crisis: Put school on TV - All Mexican kids must be offered a public education, and in the age of Covid-19, classes are coming over airwaves.
Colombia wants to resume spraying a toxic chemical to fight cocaine. Critics say it's too risky - Colombia wants to resume aerial spraying of a toxic chemical in remote rural areas to stop the growth of coca, the chief ingredient of cocaine -- despite stark health concerns.
Unchecked fires could turn the Amazon into a savannah - The Amazon is speeding toward a tipping point, when large areas of the rainforest will no longer be able to produce enough rain to sustain itself, according to Carlos Nobre, one of Brazil's leading climate scientists and researcher at the University of Sao Paulo.
Venezuelan health workers are getting cash bonuses from an unexpected source - Venezuela's frontline health workers are beginning to receive cash bonuses -- but accepting the gift puts them at the center of a political stand-off with global implications.
Another journalist found dead in Mexico, one of the most dangerous countries for reporters - Another journalist was found dead in Mexico this week -- the fifth this year in the country's somber record of attacks against the press.
'I thought I was going to die.' Inside Venezuela's mandatory quarantine motels - Doctors say Venezuela's government has been using motels and other makeshift facilities to quarantine patients suspected of having the novel coronavirus, in a bid to keep them from overburdening the country's already crumbling hospitals. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |